The Sweater Saga: A Thrilling Conclusion (not directed by Michael Bay)

It’s really sad when I realize that my last post was back in July, which means I whittled away an entire summer of not posting. It’s even sadder when I realize my last sweater saga post was in April.

So what happened to my sweater?

Well I spent parts of my summer crawling through the stockinette, using it as a “break” from other projects. I even took it with me to my LYS to work on it, where a lovely lady took a peek at it and complimented me on my tension and the lattice parts. Of course that gave me this false sense of self-esteem and confidence, and I plowed through the last bits of it:

I was so proud of myself I completely forgot that I have no idea how to seam sides at all. But again, inflated confidence and all that that after that second picture was taken I just jumped right into it. I used the mattress stitch or whatever to do so, and I was very impressed at how it was invisible.

Throughout this entire project, I had so many worries about the fit and stretch of the material. During the first 4 inches of this sweater, my mom took a look at it and was convinced it would be too small on me. I had my doubts, it seemed like it would have to stretch a lot closer to my hips. And while working with this yarn, I didn’t find it to be the most stretchy. (Actually to note: parts of this fucking yarn were puffed and pilled so much… I tucked those into the inside of the sweater and although they aren’t noticeable, I can still see some parts of the stockinette that don’t look uniform)

NEVERTHELESS, I tried it on. Halfway through pulling it down my head I was already impressed at the stretch and then finally:

A perfect fit! It’s still mostly warm here, so I’m waiting for colder temperatures so I can wear it with a cardigan and skirt. And with that ends our Sweater Saga.. for now

I have made about a zillion more things in between this and the blanket that I want to share PLUS I’m getting in the mood to share Christmas gift ideas and do some more book reviews since I keep buying pattern books, oops.