How about a blanket in the summer?

So here in Toronto, summer temperatures can fall anywhere between 20C and 45C. I can’t think of a better time to invest myself into making a hardy winter blanket.

That being said, I decided to make one for two reasons:

1. I have amassed many quarter or half-used (some new!) balls of yarn that need some sort of project to go to and I can only make so many hats and sweaters.

2. It’s always a smart idea to make a heavy, thick blanket in sweaty summer months.

So the second point is just more of my sarcasm, but the first one is still valid. So I set off trying to figure out the best approach to doing this. My first requirement was I want this project to work up fast. I threw out the idea of knitting one because not only would it take me well into next summer, but I also didn’t have the needed tools for this. One day I will buy an interchangeable needle set, but only when it’s all metal/aluminium/nickel and comes with a goddamn 16″ cable option as well. (so: never)

Crochet it was then. Armed with this book I experimented with various stitches to see what would work best. I really wanted something that would be easy to remember (I’m not going to keep that book next to me at all times!) and visually appealing for many, many different yarn colours. I ended up starting and stopping a bunch of stitches, until I found The Granny Chevron.

(Although I used my book, you can easily take a look at this YouTube tutorial for it.)

And we’re off! I started this blanket July 1st and I’m attempting to have it done by the end of this month, though in reality I’m probably looking at the end of August since I have 20 other WIPs going on. (Okay 4 other ones, but they feel like 20.)

Here’s its journey so far:

The first week of making this.

Last week. I’ve since added another 7 rows to it. I am digging the autumn feel it’s got going for it as well.

Hope you all enjoyed my “first blanket ever” post. 🙂