Crochet Hook Snobbery: or why I now own two 5mm hooks for no reason.

Confession: I’m a crochet hook snob.

Other confession: I’m not even a fancy one.

Once I decided that I should give crochet a try, I went to my LYS and picked up a basic hook to use. As the wall was literally covered with different hook sizes and materials, I literally closed my eyes and chose a 4.5mm hook from a brand called HiyaHiya. I wasn’t disappointed. First off, it’s Aluminium – perfect for a person like me that will snap a bamboo or plastic one in half just out of sheer frustration over the craft. So already right there, I have a hook that will not succumb to my flimsy hands. (I mean, I’m pretty weak but I can snap those other ones easily.) Also one time I sat on my upright 4.5mm hook and ended up with a bruise on my ass so clearly if it can withstand that it can take anything.

Another reason why I love them: For the way the hook bends. Unlike another brand I tried which I will get into soon, the hook curves in softly, not sharply. It doesn’t snag or divide up my yarn while I’m crocheting. Case in point: I could not for the life of my find a HiyaHiya 5mm hook at my LYS and settled instead for a Susan Bates one that A) has chipping paint after like 1 use, and B) has a hook so sharp I couldn’t properly use it. It also hurt my hand a lot, something the HiyaHiya ones don’t do.

So I ended up doing all 5mm projects with my 4.5mm or my 5.5mm. And eventually I donated the Bates one to my knitting/crochet club.

And then a magical moment happened last weekend. I wandered back in my LYS and found that rare 5mm. It was seriously like finding a shiny Pokemon or something less nerdy. I picked that up, along with a 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Now I have a rainbow of these fantastic hooks and my collection would seriously be complete… if it wasn’t for the missing 7mm one. 😦

Also a 2mm, but how often would my worsted-weight yarned self use that? (Hint: never)

In conclusion: if it’s not HiyaHiya, I’m not using it.

So if anyone’s reading this, what are your favourite hooks? I demand pictures!


One thought on “Crochet Hook Snobbery: or why I now own two 5mm hooks for no reason.

  1. I don’t crochet, but the needles that came with my knitting kit were aluminum and I love them. I can’t imagine working with something that I could break because between Quinn and I, I’m sure it’d happen sooner rather than later.

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