Sweater Saga: Watch out! A neck-hole appears!

On our last post of the Sweater Saga, our intrepid heroine set out on her journey to master 4 rows of latticing. She bravely set forth and mastered this simple (yet sometimes trying) task and conquered 6 1/2 inches of lattice glory:

(She also got a better header for her blog and irritatingly decided to speak only in the third person and as if she were in an epic fantasy/adventure story.)

Anyway, the neck-hole’s been looming for the past couple of day now. After putting it off to the point where I refused to look at the damn thing, I devoted an hour of my time today to figure my shit out.

The first 23 stitches were easy enough, and so was my really quick review of binding off (something that no matter how often I do, I can never remember exactly what to do for it!)


All done with the binding off part! I had a moment of realization after taking the picture below that I added on an extra stitch, so I slowly went backwards and fixed it. I also forgot how to breathe normally during this time because, knitting panic.


Then I call this part: Krissi learned “cabled cast-on”, it’s supper effective!


I should also add it was hell on my hands, and so was the next row after it.


But now we’re all done that and I have a neck-hole that seems right. So in my PJs, sweater backwards, I decided a self-congratulating selfie was in order.


Now, back to doing everything I’ve already done in reverse. That should take me another two months to accomplish and then I’ll finally have a sweater to wear! In July. In summer.

I clearly didn’t time this well at all.


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