Sweater Saga: Slightly less repetitive work.

So I’m happy to report that I’ve FINALLY moved on from inches upon inches of stockinette to new and greater things: The Back Lattice.

Unlike my ribbing attempt when I first started, I was determined to not frog/tink/whatever-else-we’re-calling-failure-today this part of the sweater, so looked up the perplexing part of this section: yo k2tog

I’ll pause here for a moment and let you all laugh at me. Okay? Okay.


ANYWAY, reading about it failed me yet again. So I turned to youtube and used this handy video:

Fuelled by my new-found knowledge, I threw myself into this and managed a whole 1 1/2 inches of it before my hand cramped up in defeat. Apparently this requires longer breaks to accomplish, so I’m sure I’ll have another sweater saga post to share with you in a few months. 😦 In the meantime, enjoy this close-up of the lattice. Really bone-crushingly pretty isn’t it?

Don’t worry though – I’m also working on a cowl, scarf #2 for my boyfriend, and I’m thinking of crocheting a hat with all my leftover small yarn amounts, so there will be more to post!



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