Sort of like a filler episode: here’s a headband!

So while I’m working on 12 inches of suckingnette stitch for the sweater, updating about it isn’t as exciting as you would think. I really don’t have anything important to say about it other than, “so I purled one side, turned it over, and knit the other side. KA-POW ACTION HERE’S 50 PICTURES OF IT.” and I don’t think that even merits a blog post. In the meantime, as I get over this boring hurdle of my knitting life, I’ll just make posts on past things I’ve made and share some awesome patterns I’ve found.

I was shopping on Red Heart a month ago and I learned a new lesson in life. The thumbnail picture of the yarn may not necessarily reflect what it will look like in real life. You’d think I’d have learned this lesson when carelessly ordering through Forever21 and realizing their graphic editor’s version of “green” isn’t actually the store’s version of it. ANYWAY, I ordered a skein of bull fleck and a skein of tan – both of which I assumed would have a more beige/darker tone to it. So I ended up getting two skeins of yarn that I just didn’t care about – they looked more orange to me than anything. SO WHAT COULD I MAKE WITH THESE???

I found this adorable pattern: Eyes of Style – Chunky Cable Knit Crown Headband

I thought this was perfect since I also ordered 9mm needles with said yarns, and I had several cable needles and an unspoken affinity for cabling in general.

What I was missing was super bulky yarn, but I figured I could really just two birds one stone it by using both balls of yarn at the same time. So thus began my journey into knitting with two strands.

Thankfully I started from the inside of the yarn and kept everything nice and clean.

This was super fast – less than a hour to make and so easy to remember that I didn’t need to keep track of my rows after the 3rd time. I had to ditch the cable needle though, because it was way too small and my knitting got super tight when I used them. Instead I traded for this giant red knitting needle I have that isn’t double-pointed SO for the back cabling I had to transfer them on the damn thing, do my cable magic, and then pull the needle out and reverse it with all the cat-like grace and agility I could muster. That being said, I lost the stitches more often than I care to share here, but I only had to do that like 9 times out of the entire thing so really…

In the end I made something cute and warm…

.. that I realized was one pattern repeat too large for my head SO I cut through it, frogged 9 rows and re-joined it. Always a learning process, always a learning process.

Then I made 2 more as gifts. 🙂

Seeing as it’s snowing today because we already had that one day in March where it was warm, I think I’ll wear it when I go out.


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