Making a Sweater: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the circulars.

The Goal: a cap-sleeve all season sweater

The Pattern: Purl Bee’s Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, found after bitterly searching for something that wouldn’t send me screaming into the hills out of fear. The words “worked flat” and distinctly familiar yo, k2tog, and suckingnette stitch made me feel ready to tackle this.

So let’s start with the fact I went to my LYS and prepared myself for this THREE months ago. Instead of white and grey, I decided the best approach is to blind my enemies with candy apple red and white. I left them in my yarn box to (possibly) ferment for a while, along with two circular needles until this past weekend.

Let me start this with a “Don’t Do What Donny Dont Does” for you all: First, try getting acquainted with circular needles before starting. Second, try actually making a gauge before starting as well. Thankfully for the latter I’m on point, which brings me to…

I started off all right, casting on my stitches

Unfortunately as I started the only two rows of simple purls and knits needed for the first 1 3/4 inches of this thing, I had no actual idea what the fuck I was doing anymore. I accidentally walked away after finishing a row and had no idea what side I was on. I ended up fixing this briefly by deciding to use a safety pin and attaching it onto the side I needed to start on next (and shortly after that I figured out what was the “right” side and the “wrong” side so now that’s a useless dangler. This was also after I started over 3 times and did an entire row wrong because I couldn’t be bothered to go back and read the instructions for row 2. All the times I’ve said, “did you read over the question?” to my students was completely lost on me, apparently.

And we’re off!

After this promising streak of success, I plunged into moving all 103 stitches onto my larger circular AND begin a one-row yarn over and k2tog thing that I destroyed to badly within the first 5 stitched that not only did I wreck that row, but also two rows below it I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW. I pulled that all apart, had a one-woman prayer circle on my floor, and managed to put my smaller needles back on and re-do that entire mess.

I still have no idea what I did. I didn’t even end the row where I was supposed to, but it still has 103 stitches and the promised eyelets. So I have now moved on to 12 inches of exciting neverending fun suckinette stitches. Here’s where I am now:

So as I continue on this brave new world with (hopefully) minimal swearing and needling throwing, I’m going to update with progress pictures and any new riveting adventures about this. Because this is riveting stuff, I’m sure you’re all really happy this is a knitting and crochet blog now, aren’t you?


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