Where I convince everyone to take up my hobby.

Somewhat recently – or at least sometime between now and the last time I posted which isn’t as recent as I remember – I was talking to someone who expressed interest in knitting, but said they were too busy to take it up. Too busy? Preposterous! The beauty of knitting is that it can be done almost anywhere and during (mostly) anything. Need more convincing? I thought up this list while knitting (which explains why #1 is what it is).

Times you can Knit

1. While thinking up engaging blog posts to share with the internet world.

2. Waiting for an invasive medical procedure, or even just a regular doctor checkup.

3. Commuting on the bus or train – I recommend you do not try while driving a car unless the idea of a knitting needle thrust into your frontal lobe excites you.

4. Watching TV you’re only mildly interested in.

5. Hell, watching TV you’re actually interested in.

6. When you want to watch a movie but you don’t want to look directly at it (note: This worked extremely well for me while “watching” Mama a week ago)

7. When you need an excuse to procrastinate but still want to feel productive in some sort of way.

8. Having a tedious conversation with someone boring (see also this: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2003/09/22 just replace FF Tactics with a ball of yarn although I still don’t condone the suggestion of knit & drive)

I actually had more, but this has been sitting in the drafts section for about a week now.

I feel like this blog’s direction is going more towards a knitting blog which might be yawn-inducing for many of my loved fans (all 2 of you?) but fear not my next entry’s working title is Terms of Enrampagement: What my Report Card Comments Actually Mean.

Yes. That captured your attention. You can all go knit while waiting for my next entry of sheer literary genius.


One thought on “Where I convince everyone to take up my hobby.

  1. My mom always has her knitting with her in the car.. while she doesn’t do it WHILE the car is in motion, she always has it handy in case she gets stuck in non-moving traffic or if she is stuck waiting for a train

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