I made a previous post a few weeks (or months, what is time again?) back about my beginner’s adventures in knitting. So far my experience is limited to the knit stitch and 2 1/2 scarves demonstrating my adeptness at creating said knit stitches. Except there’s only so far I can go with just one stitch in my repertoire, and I am using that word very, very loosely.

Now, I’m a reader. Instructions excite me. I’m making that shelf from Ikea, I want words telling me what to do. It’s how I operate. Except when it comes to understanding anything written for knitting (or crocheting, another story there). Every written piece I’ve looked at for purling has done nothing but confuse me further. At one point in time I thought I had it, but the muscle movements I decided were required of my right hand hurt so much I figured I stumbled across some ancient scrolls of hand torture, not “Purling in 5 Simple Steps”

So finally listening to everyone telling me to do so, off to YouTube I went. My biggest dislike for Youtube, other than the repetitive commercials and yammering for 20 minutes for 2 minutes of actual tutorial content, is it takes me forever to find what I want and then I’m hit with the two former things to the point of rage. Except this video fixed everything:

Knit Witch is just fantastic. NO WHERE EVER in anything I have read did it say I needed to put my damn yarn FORWARD. Also the final part of pulling the yarn through was so clear to me finally that I just went and did an entire row of purling successfully. Maybe crocheting won’t be so hard after all, if I luck out on videos like the above.

Anyway, the main point of this post is that I went to this amazing place in my city – anyone in Toronto should check our the Purple Purl for all knitting all the time – and picked up some lovely new yarn to use

I am thinking of making a long circle scarf with it. However, even with my newfound confidence over this, I still want to make it as basic as possible so I am considering one of two things:

1. Making a general scarf and then using a yarn needle to join up the two sides

2. Using a really pretty button or two to join up the sides

or I can combo it for sturdiness. Either way maybe I’ll test out my purling skills for this one! 🙂


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